Tint percent options 5% • 25% • 35% • 50%

2-door car
$175 - $200
Two small windows, two large windows, excludes windshield

4-door car
$250 - $300
Four large windows, excludes windshield

SUV or van
Only two front  windows

$300 - $350
All windows, excluding windshiled
Sunstrip (approx 5" windshield)
Includes  5" - 8" of sunstrip on top of windshield


Regular details Include shampoo, vacuum, blow out, conditioner for leather, conditioner for plastic (dash, ect.), wheels and rims. A mini detail is just a wash and wax.

Clay bar and buffing depends on the vehicle and is the reason for price variations. We cannot provide an exact price until we know exactly what the vehicle needs.

2 or 4 door small car
$200 - $250
4 door large car or crossover
$125 - $275
Large SUV or van
$275 - $350
Mini Detail
Just wash and wax

Remote Car Starters

Comes with module. We use Compustar Prime G6 / Prime R3 units.

Basic remote starter
Starts at $290
Long range remote starter
Starts at $375
DroneMobile remote start
Starts at $450
  • DroneMobile gives you the power to start, secure, and track your vehicle from your smartphone and, your smart watch.
Trunk pop and other add-ons
Starts at $15