Q: Can you fit me in today?
In most cases, no. We tend to be very busy and book a couple of weeks out. If you need something done by a certain date it's best to call us in advance and make an appointment.

Q: I've already purchased a remote starter, can you install it for me?
In most cases, yes. However, the charge is usually about the same as is were  buying the entire package from us in the first place. To install a product we don't carry is more time consuming because different products install in different ways. Due to these product variations the labor on installing products other than those we carry  will have a surcharge.

Q: Do you do windowing tinting?
Yes, we do window tinting.

Q: Do you do car detailing?
Yes, we do car detailing. We offer all different levels of detailing packages, as simple as a wash and wax to a showroom shine. You can visit our pricing page for more info.

Q: What type of remote car starters do you use?
We use Compustar remote starters models PRIME G6 and/or PRIME R3. We also carry the DroneMobile remote starter.